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Colibri's Quantum Arc Lighter

The Quantum Arc is one of several new lighters that have been released by Colibri this year, and is one of the many new accessories that the company will be showcasing at the upcoming Retail Tobacco Dealers of America trade show in Las Vegas. The jewel-finished lighter, which is available in five styles, is elegant yet affordable, and has features that cigar smokers will find practical and convenient.

While the obvious and most important feature of the Arc is the SST ignition system, which provides smokers with a powerful and wind-resistant turbo flame for lighting cigars, the lighter has two other components of interest. First is the retractable, stainless steel cigar punch on the bottom of the lighter. Although "two-in-one" lighters have been on the market for some time now, the idea of having a cutter and lighter as part of one accessory remains an appealing feature.

The second feature of note is the fuel tank. Unlike most Colibri lighters that hold around one gram of fuel, the Arc holds two grams, doubling the time the lighter will last before you need to refuel. The Arc also has a window that allows you to monitor your remaining fuel level.

The Quantum Arc retails for $79.50 and can be engraved for personalization. For more information, contact Colibri at 888-COLIBRI.