Colibri's Limited-Edition CRA Cutter

Colibri's Limited-Edition CRA Cutter

Cigar accessories maker Colibri announced it has created a limited-edition cutter to commemorate the efforts of the Cigar Rights of America, the grassroots organization tasked with the difficult job of protecting your right to enjoy a premium cigar.

"Personally, I've seen an unbelievable effort and energy [from CRA]," said Les Mann, Colibri's executive vice president. "This is a way Colibri can contribute to such an important cause."

Based on Colibri's Cut cutter, the limited-edition CRA Cutter features spring-loaded blades made of 440 stainless steel that are large enough to slice a 62 ring-gauge cigar. Chrome-finished handles, shaped to fit nicely between the fingers, control the blades and ensure the cutting action stays smooth and crisp.

The cutter's hard rubber center is an eye-catching baby blue (an official color of the CRA), not seen on any other Colibri cutter. The bold, white CRA acronym on the front contrasts well with the baby blue, as does the red CRA logo on the back. Overall, the cutter is a visual knockout.

"We wanted it to be a conversation piece," said Mann. "[The cutter] can open up a lot of discussion of what the CRA stands for and fights for."

Mann said proceeds generated by sales of the cutter will go directly to the CRA, and that Colibri has manufactured only 2,000 of the limited-edition cutters.

The CRA Cutter retails for $45 and is only available at retailers recognized by the CRA to be a Great American Cigar Shop.

To find the your nearest CRA Great American Cigar Shop, visit

"I am all about cigar rights, but Colibri cutters have to some of the worst on the market." —May 5, 2011 19:32 PM