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Colibri's Hybrid Lighter

If you've ever debated whether it's better to light a cigar with a gentle, normal flame or a powerful turbo torch, Colibri has created a device that has both options in one lighter. The new Colibri Hybrid is two lighters in one.

A spin of the flint roller lights the device, giving a soft, standard flame. The button in front redirects the fuel to a torch burner that produces a slim, wind resistant flame. Release the button and it returns to a normal flame.

"It's the best of both worlds," says Les Mann, executive vice president of Colibri. "The lighter starts with a soft flame, perfect for indoor cigar enjoyment and then with the push of a button, it gives you the Colibri torch flame which is optimal lighting for outdoor enjoyment."

The attractive lighter comes in four color options—black, charcoal gray, navy blue and white—and is detailed in brushed chrome with two-tone lacquer.

It retails for $100.


"I find this to be a satisfactory lighter. I enjoy the appearance of it. I find it aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy having the choice between torch and soft flame. I do find however that the torch is not as resilient the wind as other torch lighters. " —February 11, 2012 08:44 AM