Colibri Tranzpack

With airline safety regulations on maximum security, the act of transporting your favorite lighter has become quite involved. Enter the Colibri Tranzpack, a new case approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation that will allow you to cart your butane or oil-filled lighter fully fueled in your checked baggage.

This is a first since the regulations went into effect in April 2005. Up until now, if you wanted to tote along a butane torch, you could only pack an empty one in your checked bag. Even then, you probably were not altogether confident security wouldn't confiscate it, and even if it was there when you retrieved your luggage, you still had to find somewhere to buy a butane canister upon reaching your destination. With the Tranzpack, simply unscrew the top, stick the lighter into the foam, reseal the lid and pack the case in your bag next to your gym socks. If anyone questions it, you have the DOT stamp and code number right on the front for reference.

The yellow, oblong Tranzpack case has a hard polycarbonate exterior and a foam liner. The liner has an opening that will flex to accommodate the size and shape of most pocket-sized lighters. The case is also waterproof and buoyant, so if you're traveling by boat, you're covered as well.

The Colibri Tranzpack retails for $14.95. Call 800-556-7354 for more information.