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Colibri on the Golf Course

Colibri is continually coming out with new lighters, gadgets and gizmos. Recently, I came across a trio of these products that make for a nice threesome on the golf course. When toting the essentials in my golf bag, items that put functionality ahead of elegance are usually the best bet. The Colibri Links Flask, Hobnail Double Cutter and Enterprise tri-flame cigar lighter fit the bill.

The Links Flask combines into one unit many of the things you might typically carry on the golf course. This cuts down on pocket clutter -- always a good thing when you are traveling 18 holes. Made of stainless steel, the flask is encased in a leather sleeve to which two steel ball markers are affixed and four tees are sheathed. The screw-top cap is attached to a metal safety lanyard so you won't drop it in the water hazard. If you don't want to stow the flask in your bag, a clip on the back lets you wear it on your belt like a proud boozing duffer. A funnel is also included to guard against the inevitable sloppy pour.

The cutter and the lighter are not tailored to the golf course like the flask, but their attributes make them fit companions. For one, they are both made of stainless steel, clad in exposed bolts and have a heavy, rugged feel. The monochromatic Hobnail cutter is in the guillotine style and big enough for most ring gauge cigars. The action is a little stiff but will hopefully loosen up with continued use. The Enterprise's three wind-resistant torch flames, large ignition switch (which runs down the entire side of the lighter) and large fuel bay make it an easy-to-use tool, especially outside when a stiff breeze is blowing and your fingers are numb. The lighter also comes with a foot-mounted, foldout punch cutter if you have a parejo and prefer that type of cut. Click here for our video on types of cigar cutters.)

The Links Flask has a suggested retail price of $45, the Hobnail Double Cutter retails for $49.95 and the Enterprise tri-flame lighter for $99.95. Call Colibri at 800-556-7354 for more information.