Colibri M-Stick Lighter

Imagine a tool that brings you not only fire, but carries a photo album, your office files and a collection of your favorite music. Colibri's M-Stick has combined one of man's most basic instruments with state-of-the-art technology in a lighter that becomes your pocket-sized briefcase.

Alongside its butane torch, the M-Stick stores a flash memory stick, today's preferred computer file storage tool. While it's not the first tool to carry a flash stick—the convenient memory medium for plugging into the USB port of a computer has partnered with all types of items from utility knives to kitchen magnets—it is the first combination we've seen in the evolution of this gizmo that we'd deign to carry in our pockets.

The lighter itself has the signature look and utility of a Colibri: sleek exterior, ergonomic curves, flip-top cap, fuel-monitoring window, electrical ignition switch and wind-resistant torch flame. The removable 128-megabyte memory stick is flat and about thumb width. It clicks into the base of the lighter and folds flush with the body so it's almost hidden.

As with any new technology, there'll be resistance to the M-Stick. Hipsters will dismiss it as another geeky two-in-one gadget like a watch with a calculator. Purists will shun it as too laden with bells and whistles. Escapists will cringe at the idea of combining anything work-related with the pleasures of puffing. But this is not the '80s anymore, and cigar smokers are not Luddites. Embrace this now and you'll surely find that the lighters of the future will include iPods, cell phones and GPS trackers. The possibilities are endless.

The M-Stick lighter has a suggested retail of $125 and comes in silver, black or gunmetal. The stick is compatible with Windows ME and Mac 8.2. The lighter is compatible with all cigars.

Call 800-556-7354.