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Lighting up has been given a whole new meaning with the Colibri Beam Sensor Lighter.

The modern metal lighter ignites using a battery powered laser beam that runs down the spine of the lighter instead of flint. The top of the lighter is capped and looks plain at first. When the lid is flipped open, the red glow of the laser is triggered and appears. A touch of your finger or any object interrupting the stream ignites the butane flame in the burning chamber (claimed to be big enough to light almost any size cigar.)

This futuristic device is actually retro. According the manufacturer, it was first introduced in 1979 and advertised on the old rabbit ears of network television. The concept was ahead of its time, increasing the manufacturing costs out of the market price and landing it on the back shelves when it would be more affordable to sell.

Now, reengineered up to twenty-first century standards, the Beam Sensor Lighter is back. It is available in a number of finishes and retails for $95.

"Air lighters are prepared with windproof jet flame ignitions. Ambiance lighters are comprised of a unimportant impact-resistant styrene case." —July 3, 2014 04:04 AM