Colibri Collaborates With Fuente For Charity Lighter

Colibri Collaborates With Fuente For Charity Lighter

Colibri's triple-jet flame Astoria lighter has been turned into an extraordinary symbol of Fuente pride now that the Astoria dons the regal Fuente Fuente OpusX insignia. But it's also a symbol of extraordinary charity. This limited-edition project was created to benefit the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization started by the Fuente and Newman families to improve the impoverished communities of the Dominican Republic.

"After 15 years of friendship, I was excited to work again with Les Mann and his team at Colibri," said Carlos Fuente Jr., president of Arturo Fuente Cigars. "These are the kinds of projects that are the most fun and the most successful—the ones that are built on long bonds and have a strong purpose."

The ornate OpusX symbol appears twice on the Astoria: Once as an embossed, full-color emblem flash-plated with 18k gold, and then again laser-etched into the blades of the lighter's foldout cigar cutter. They are bold allusions to a bold cigar—the rare and coveted Fuente Fuente OpusX , which is the strong Dominican puro emblematic of the tobacco grown on the Fuente's Chateau de la Fuente farm.

The new lighter comes in five finishes: Black body with red accents (shown), gunmetal accents or rosegold accents, as well as a red body with black or gold accents. The 440-stainless steel blades of the double guillotine cutter can accommodate cigars as large as 59 ring gauge before folding neatly back into the body of the lighter. Push the button and three, wind-resistant jet flames blast out for quick, consistent lighting.

Only 1,250 of these limited-edition lighters have been produced (or 250 in each finish). Each lighter is numbered and retails for $185 regardless of the finish. They should be available this fall.