Cohiba’s Newest—A Small Cigar At A Big Price

Cohiba’s Newest—A Small Cigar At A Big Price

It isn't every day that Cohiba gets a new addition, especially in the Siglo Series (Línea 1492), but when it does, the cigar tends to get a lot of attention. The newest member of the Cohiba family is the Medio Siglo—the first new size added to the Siglo Series since the Siglo VI, which came onto the scene back in 2002. That's 15 long years. Well, technically, it's 14 years later. The new size was actually introduced at last year's Habanos Festival and slowly dribbled into the market in late-2016, but it wasn't widely available until this year.

The Medio Siglo is rolled in a petit robusto size, a format very popular with Habanos these days. At 4 inches by 52 ring gauge, it has the length of a Siglo I but the girth of a Siglo VI.

Now that it's available worldwide, Cigar Insider put it to the test. Keep in mind, it's Cohiba, Cuba's top glam brand, so it's not going to be cheap. In London, it will set you back £26.60 (more than $33). It's probably the most expensive regular-production petit robusto you're going to find. If you're lucky enough to find them in Cuba, they'll only run you 12.30 CUC (about $14).

Still not cheap, but a better bargain than Britain. Is it worth it? See the current issue of Cigar Insider and see how it performed.

"Can we have an honest explanation on why are the Cohiba Behike range is so short of supply we hear it's blamed on bad harvest and all sort of reasons but can we have a valid reason for once " —April 12, 2017 03:54 AM