Cohiba Sampler Case

The India-based leather cigar case company Andre Gar-cia has collaborated with General Cigar Co. to pro-duce a Cohiba-branded leather cigar case gift set, which includes three Cohiba robusto-size cigars made exclusively for this package.

"The 5 by 54 cigars in the case aren't available outside of this set," said Bill Chilian, director of marketing for General Cigar.

"When we considered this project, we looked for some-one whose work is worthy of our Cohiba label. Andre Gar-cia was one of those companies."

The case is wrapped in a black tanned, high-grade leather, trimmed with silver stitching and fashioned with a chrome finish brass top.

Abhik Roy, owner of Andre Garcia, said he's particularly proud of the red-dot Cohiba logo stamped into the case's surface, an effect achieved by placing a piece of red leather underneath the "O," rendering the distinct logo exactly as it appears on General's Cohiba products. The logo, Roy said, was more difficult and more expensive to produce us-ing this method as opposed to simply adding a drop of red paint, but he feels that it is this level of skill that differenti-ates him from other case makers and, ultimately, does the brand more justice.

"The collaboration took a few months of back-and-forth with the embossing using the two pieces of leather," said Chilian, "but when we are dealing with the Cohiba brand, we don't cut corners."

The top portion of the cedar-lined case slides off easily, exposing the three cigars: a Cohiba from the regular line, a Cohiba Black and a Cohiba XV. The case comes pack-aged in a matte black hardshell gift box and retails for $59.99.

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"Cohiba sampler case is an excellent gift idea, can anyone tell me where can I get them for myself and my friends. I live in Turkey, the only way I can get them is by mail. " —February 28, 2012 11:09 AM
"this is nice cigar case" —October 3, 2010 06:04 AM