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Cigars on a Golf Ball

Cigars on a Golf Ball
Tin Cup Golf Ball Marking Stencil

Golfers like to stand out on the course. Some opt to hit the links with iris-burning clothes (Rickie Fowler), larger-than-life belt buckles (Rory Sabbatini) or unusual shaft colors (Bubba Watson). But how do you make your golf ball stand out?

Sure, you can go with a TaylorMade Penta or Titleist Pro VI with a double-digit number, or have your name printed on just about any ball, but to make your golf ball stand apart on the links why not have it adorned with the image of your favorite hobby—a burning cigar?

The Tin Cup Golf Ball Marking Stencil ($19.95) is a simple metal half cup that you place over your favorite golf ball. Use a fine-point Sharpie to trace the cut out image and, voila, you have that image on your ball.

The idea is simple and clever, and the stainless steel cups come in nearly 100 styles, including another house favorite, the Martini glass. But we’re most fond of the cigar, which looks best when done with a brown Sharpie (for that Colorado wrapper) and a red (for the burning ember).

Granted, tracing the design takes some time, and the results will be as good as the amount of time you take filling it in, but in the end you’ll have a golf ball that is unmistakeably yours. Now keep it out of the water, or you’ll be back with the Sharpies.