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If you're a fan of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, or just have a taste for medieval architecture, the sight of a gargoyle brings a smile to your face. Connecticut entrepreneur Brian Wittman thinks the classically grotesque creatures deserve a spot near your cigars.

Enter the Cigargoyle, a collection of three molded cigar-loving sentries that can dress up your smoking room. Stoker, a snarling, cigar-chomping creature, sits on his haunches and can cradle a cigar in his claws. Griff looks like a supplicant, bowing to you as he holds a cigar, and Moto strikes a lazy pose, hanging over a shelf, cigar in his jaws.

There's nothing practical about these gray statues, which are molded from a light material the manufacturer describes as a "marble and poly blend." But they do add a certain something to your cigar area. I have one sitting in my cabinet humidor. Hopefully he'll give my coworkers pause if they try to pinch my favorite smokes.

The Stoker model is available now. Moto and Griff will be available soon. Prices are $58 or $68, depending on the model.

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"I just checked and everything is sold out. 10-09-10" —October 9, 2010 21:46 PM