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There are many artistic qualities surrounding cigars and most aficionados tend to view cigars as an art form. They see cigar manufacturers and rollers as artisans creating something unique and aesthetic, and the humidors, ashtrays and other elegant accessories as artwork that complements the cigars. And let's not forget the cigar bands and boxes: colorful, classy and unique.

Although she isn't a cigar smoker herself, Joan van Roden White also sees the artistry in cigars and has created a new series of oil paintings directed towards cigar smokers and their love of the leaf. The Cigar Series collection features original portraits of cigars with velvet backgrounds, and the paintings are perfect for decorating such areas as your library or smoking room. Feel like having a painting of La Gloria Cubana or Arturo Fuente cigars? Just tell van Roden White what you want and the artist will procure the cigar or cigars and set up the still life.

The standard size painting is 8" by 10" and each is delivered already framed. The paintings cost $625 each. For more information, contact the artist at Beach Street Studios, 33 Beach St., Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944 or call 978-526-4833.