Cigar Aficionado

Cigar Spike

It looks and feels like a guitar pick, but the Cigar Spike is a new cigar tool that takes a very simple approach to prepping your handmade cigar for smoking.

Guillotine cutters slice the entire head from a cigar. Punchers carve a hole in the head, typically the diameter of a BB. The cigar spike is meant to be pushed down into the closed head of the cigar, leaving a small hole—when done properly, it looks as if a vampire's fang had found it's way onto your cigar.

We say properly, because the Cigar Spike is not a precision tool. It's made of rigid plastic, and the dullish point doesn't always find a happy home in a cigar's head. We used two new Cigar Spikes in our office to prep a dozen cigars—we cracked the heads on half.

The Cigar Spike retails for 99 cents and has a handy hole so you can attach it to a keychain. It's eye grabbing, different, and very inexpensive, but if a one-dollar cutter ruins a $15 cigar, where is the economy?