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Cigar Savor Humi-Discs

Pouring water into a sponge seems pretty straightforward, but when it is done in the context of humidifying cigars, it could require some idiot-proofing. The Humi-Disc from Cigar Savor makes the task even easier for those of us who are a little dim on the subject or just too impatient to want to think about it.

The application is simple. Buy one of the plastic discs at your local tobacconist, remove it from the wrapper that says "Humi-Disc" on it and immerse it in regular tap water for 15 minutes. Take the disc out of the water, dry it off and affix it to the underside of your humidor lid using the magnet glued to the back of the device. One disc emanates enough moisture to humidify 25 cigars. Use the contents and capacity of your box to determine the number of units you need. Depending on the conditions in which you store your cigars -- some environments are drier than others -- you will need to refill the unit every month or so.

The secret to the Humi-Disc is the crystals. When you give the unit a little shake, you will notice a rattling inside like a maraca. Peer through the slats in the clear plastic shell and you will see a collection of hardened gel bits that look like quartz pebbles. When you immerse the saucer in water, the gel crystals inside absorb the water, turn soft and expand to form a uniform gel pad that fills the space inside the disc. These gel bits give off moisture and slowly dry and shrink until refilled again. The gel crystals absorb 100 times their weight in H2O and do a good job of keeping a relative humidity at or around 70 percent.

Released in January, the Humi-Discs retail for $9.95 each. One disc is estimated to last approximately two years. For more information, go to