Cigar Room By The Sea

Cigar and car collector Michael Weil has built one of New England’s ultimate man caves
| By Gregory Mottola | From Cuba After The Embargo, July/August 2022
Cigar Room By The Sea
Photos/Bob O'Connor
Exotic cars like McLaren, Porsche and Bentley are only part of Weil's collection. He sits here in his smoking room surrounded by cigar memorabilia and accessories.
Collecting cigars can be an expensive hobby. Collecting cars, even more so. Michael Weil, chief executive officer of AR Global Investments, does both. And he’s as passionate about tobacco as he is about high-end automobiles, but the draw of collecting for him doesn’t stem from vanity or obsession. It’s more the idea that cars and cigars can bring people together, which is why he’s invested so much time and so many resources into building the ultimate cigar room. A cigar-smoking Xanadu, his impressive, high-end man cave is its own separate structure sitting adjacent to his home in Newport, Rhode Island.   “My wife has a yoga studio right above my cigar room, so …
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