Cigar Rights of America Celebrates 10 Years

Cigar Rights of America Celebrates 10 Years

For the last decade, the Cigar Rights of America has been fighting for your right to enjoy handmade cigars. As the advocacy group celebrates 10 years representing the premium cigar industry in Washington, D.C., it is thanking its members for years of support and hopes to enlist a new generation of supporters with a special enrollment offer. 

“In August 2008, there was no staff, no resources, and no members—only a feeling that those that depend upon, love, and enjoy premium cigars, deserve to be heard,” said Glynn Loope, executive director of the CRA, in a letter marking the anniversary. 

The Cigar Rights of America was founded in 2008. Ten years ago this month, the group celebrated its launch in New York City and proceeded to tour the country with cigar icons like as Carlos Fuente Sr. and Carlos Fuente Jr., Jorge Padrón, Litto Gomez and Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. 

Loope commended the hundreds of thousands of consumers and retailers who have made their voices heard over the years through calls and petitions to congress. He also thanked the premium cigar manufacturers who have donated and dedicated time and resources “in the cause of defending the simple passion of enjoying a cigar.”

The letter, however, also acknowledges the tough road ahead for the cigar industry in light of increased taxes, smoking bans and the looming consequences of FDA regulation. In an effort to sustain their lobbying efforts, which includes a multi-party lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the CRA is offering a special $10 membership offer until Friday, September 7. The annual subscription is a $25 discount from the standard fee of $35 and includes a free cigar.

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