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Cigar Prices, Then And Now

Looking back at 30 years of cigar pricing, and the days of quality $2 cigars
| By Thomas Pappalardo | From 30 Years Of Cigar Aficionado, November/ December 2022
Cigar Prices, Then And Now
Illustration/Gary Hovland
It is September 1992. The leaves are changing color, the air is crisp—the perfect weather to smoke a cigar. A car passes by and the new single from Guns N’ Roses, “November Rain,” is playing loudly over the radio. You amble over to your local cigar shop to grab something special to complete this perfect autumn day. As you make your way around the store, you peruse the small selection on the shelves and behind the glass counters. Many of the cigars are on the thinner side and are clad in light Connecticut shade wrappers. Some of them retail for less than $2—just a bit cheaper than a pound of coffee at the time. In this shop, there are a variety in terms of brands, …
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