Cigar Insider Rates New Cuban Quai d’Orsays

Cigar Insider Rates New Cuban Quai d’Orsays

The new, revamped Cuban Quai d'Orsay brand is starting to trickle into markets around the world and Cigar Insider has rated the entire line. Once a brand intended primarily for the French market, Quai d'Orsay has gone global.

Last year, Habanos S.A. announced that these cigars would be available to the rest of the world—but they needed some global appeal. The first thing Habanos did was redesign the bands, which now are larger, glossier and glittering with gold accents. The boxes have some bolder labels on them as well.

The second thing Habanos did was change the sizes. Save for the Corona, all the original formats are gone and replaced with shorter, fatter vitolas.

Curious how they all rated?

Check out the January 9, 2018 issue of Cigar Insider.