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Cigar Humidor Storage System

Ever reached into your humidor for a cigar, only to find slight cracking on the wrapper, or worse, it has taken on the flavor of the cigar next to it?

A new product from a German company called the Zigarren -!- BelEtage Cigar System may solve both problems. Made of high acrylic glass, the unit comes in various sizes to accommodate different sized humidors and ring gauges.

The idea behind the design is that the interlocking rows allow single cigars to "float" inside of the humidor, allowing air to circulate around each stogie. The company claims this will allow the aromas of a cigar to optimally unfold.

The units available at the companies Web site,, cost between $48-$75. One can buy a single unit for the whole humidor, or mix and match smaller units in order to account for larger and smaller ring gauge cigars.