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Cigar Golf Bag

"Crush your drives, not your cigars" is the slogan of the Cigar Golf Bag, a new implement in the world of cigar and golf accessories that aims to provide proper protection and conveyance for your smokes.

Now, don't read that slogan the wrong way. Buying the Golf Bag does not mean you are going to start stroking a consistent three-hundred-and-seventy-five-yard fairway drive during every outing. If that were the case, this product would be priced well above $24. It means that your cigars will be well sheltered while zipped up in a miniature water-resistant case fashion to look like a golf bag. The bag is eight and one half inches tall and two and one half inches in diameter. It comes equipped with three golf tees, a plastic guillotine cutter, a torch lighter and four plastic cigar tubes, which fit snuggly inside the pouch. They are not cedar lined but are sturdy. The Bag can hold up to 8-inch-long by 54-ring-gauge cigars. Use the clip to hook it to your bag and then focus on finding your ball in the woods.

The Cigar Golf Bag is available in black, green, red or blue. Look for it at your local tobacconist. For more information, call Burlingame Cigar & Golf at 650-342-6635.