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Cigar and Divot Tool

Golf is a civilized sport known for its strict code of etiquette. The irony, then, is that it's also a game that can turn an ordinarily docile person into a psychopath with one bad stroke. Happily, one simple, compact tool can help you maintain golf propriety in a number of ways. A combination divot-repair tool and cigar holder allows you to tidy up after yourself on the green as well as easing your enjoyment of the cigars you carry for solace when your game goes sour.

One end of a typical cigar-and-divot tool is pronged for repairing the inevitable dents you will leave on a green. The other end usually holds a cigar. Simply stick the tool in the ground and you can rest your smoke there as if it were an ashtray. Then swing away.

Cigar-divot gear comes in a few different configurations and with different options. One that's particularly slick is the Divix Golf Tool (center), which functions as a cigar punch, but not as a holder. Press a button and a stainless steel divot fork snaps out of the carbon-graphite handle, much like an old-fashioned switchblade. At first, clicking it open may seem like a menacing act, but once you bend down and start sprucing up the grass around the ball indentation, you'll look more like Martha Stewart than James Dean. Once done, you can remove the tool's magnetic ball marker and set it down into the green. Now that your ball is out of the way, and the grass is smoothed out, you can use the tool's built-in cigar punch to puncture the end of your favorite cigar, allowing you to puff away calmly as your opponent misses an easy putt and throws a rabid tantrum right on the green. (Divix will print custom logos, photos or golf course monikers directly onto the ball marker by way of a four-color acrylic dome process.)

If you don't like golfing with a cigar in your mouth (and don't have a caddie who's willing to hold it for you), most cigar and divot tools can be used to hold the cigar. The one from (left) is a divot fork-cum-cigar rest and comes in a gold or gunmetal finish. The Sir Winston (right) divot tool by Golf Design Inc., which is forged with a cigar saddle atop, allows you to customize the magnetic ball marker that pops out of the face. Just plunge either tool into the ground and let the cigar sit in the holder while you miss your putt and throw a tantrum of your own.

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