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Cigar Aficionado’s Where to Smoke Now on iOS and Android

Jan 12, 2015 | By Andrew Nagy
Cigar Aficionado’s Where to Smoke Now on iOS and Android

Cigar Aficionado recently launched a browser-based app called Where to Smoke. The app helps cigar lovers find cigar-friendly locations around the United States by searching through our extensive (and vetted) database of cigar bars, cigar shops with lounges, cigar-friendly restaurants, patios and rooftops.

Many inquired when we would debut a native app that could be installed on either iOS or Android mobile devices.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Today, we proudly announce that the iOS and Android versions of Where to Smoke can now be downloaded in Apple's App store and Google Play.

The app is free. Your device will find your location and point you to the cigar-friendly venues closest to you. And if you are planning to travel, one can simply use the search function to type in the name of the city (or a zip code) and see the cigar havens in that area.

We're looking for your feedback to help make Where to Smoke even better. If you own or frequent a cigar-friendly venue that isn't listed, let us know by using the "Suggest Location" function in the app. We want them all, from retail shops with smoking areas (even a few chairs counts) to cigar bars to cigar-friendly restaurants or venues with cigar-friendly patios. If cigar smoking is welcomed there, we want it on Where to Smoke.

Click on the links above to download the apps to your iPhone, iPad, or whichever Android device you desire. You can also click on the direct links below:

Cigar smokers have far too few places that welcome their cigars. We want you to find them. Where to Smoke is your resource.

"Can you please make the android app available in Canada. " —January 22, 2015 11:52 AM