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Cigar Aficionado’s Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019

Jun 11, 2019 | By CA Editors
Cigar Aficionado’s Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019

Father’s Day is coming right around the corner on June 16, so if you haven’t bought a gift for dad, it’s time to start shopping.

Our annual Father's Day Gift Guide purposefully omits any “old-reliable” presents such as mugs, ties or socks, but instead features a carefully curated collection of gifts that are sure to catch any dad's eye. The items range in both style and price, spanning from $30 up to $1,600.

If you’d rather indulge dad with a great cigar, peruse our ratings section of more than 17,000 cigar reviews. And to give dad a cigar that’s smoking well right now, click here to see the top cigars we’ve rated in the last three months.

For cigar accessories, our Cigar Gear reviews will help you decide on a lighter, cutter, humidor or more to get for dad.

OneBlade Hybrid Razor

OneBlade Hybrid Razor ($199)

For years, the principal approach to shaving advancements has been to simply add blades (you can get as many as six). But, oddly, the more edges, the less a shaving system seems to weigh. Now, OneBlade rolls back the morning ritual to a single-cutting edge, and in the process restores requisite heft and maneuverability. As well as a sturdy build, the easy-loading system has been highly engineered for optimal blade angles with a floating head and easy rinsing. The Hybrid model is available in a convenient travel bag with signature shaving cream and after after-shave balm. - Visit

Stitch Leather Golf Club Head Covers

Stitch Leather Golf Club Head Covers ($68 to $98)

While dad may occasionally curse at his driver or putter, rest assured he still wants to protect his clubs from harm (most of the time). Help him out with a set of leather golf club head covers from Stitch, a North Carolina-based company. Hand crafted from 100 percent leather, each cover is water and stain resistant and is engineered to ensure a snug fit that will stay secure on dad’s clubs. The covers will protect all types of woods, from drivers to hybrids, along with putters. Stitch offers a variety of colors and styles, including a design inspired by Arnold Palmer (center). - Visit

Riedel Cocktail Glasses

Riedel Cocktail Glasses (price varies)

The glass gurus at Riedel have long specialized in specific glasses for specific types of wine. Today, they’re expanding their lines of cocktail glasses, with six new vessels that direct the liquid to certain areas of the tongue, depending on what you’re drinking. We’re particularly fond of the Nick & Nora ($29.90/set of two), a 4 7/8 ounce glass meant to hold a small Martini in the fashion of those gulped by Nick and Nora Charles, the couple for which it is named. The clear spirit aficionados drank copious amounts of gin in the 1934 film The Thin Man. - Visit

Puma’s Relaxed Golf Shirts

Puma’s Relaxed Golf Shirts ($75)

Untucked dress shirts are growing in popularity—but how about on the golf course? If you want a look that switches it up from the form-fitting, traditional polo, look to Puma’s Golf Play Loose Collection Paradise Golf Shirt. The shirt’s pattern of palm and pine trees may calm your nerves if you miss a three-footer, and the modern-day stretch material allows for give when you swing and avoids wrinkles when you pack it for travel. And if anyone gives you grief for playing with the hem of your shirt showing, tell them Rickie Fowler wore the same look at Torrey Pines. - Visit

TRX Home2 Workout System

TRX Home2 Workout System ($199.95)

Most people we know are always looking for a new way to lose a few pounds, and dads are no exception. To keep that dad bod (somewhat) slim, you can look to the snazzy TRX Home2 System of suspension training. You anchor the heavy-duty straps to something sturdy and follow the app in a variety of workouts that use bodyweight to tucker out those muscles. It’s a system found in gyms and used by all manner of buff individuals. - Visit

Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation Wireless Speaker

Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation Wireless Speaker ($1,599)

When it comes to electronics, dads appreciate versatility, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more adaptable speaker than Naim’s Mu-So 2nd Generation all-in-one wireless speaker. Built out of solid aluminum, the 450-watt Muso 2nd Generation is capable of high-resolution streaming, plugging into your TV to double as a soundbar, and can be paired with other speakers to create your own multi-room music set-up. The Mu-so 2nd Generation seamlessly connects to your favorite streaming app and helps you build a searchable digital magazine for your music collection, all while delivering crystal clear sound. And yes, there’s even an alarm clock mode. - Visit

Linksoul Boardwalker Shorts

Linksoul Boardwalker Shorts ($76)

At first glance, these shorts may look like any other, but they aren’t. Founded by golf apparel pioneer John Ashworth, Linksoul specializes in crafting comfortable clothing that’s at home on land or sea. Made from a blend of polyester, cotton and spandex, these Boardwalkers are stylish enough for the golf course, but can also be worn in the water (and everywhere in between). Light and breathable, the Boardwalkers come in a variety of colors. - Visit

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoe ($160)

Walking 18 holes may be better than any day in the office, but it’s still tiring. Ease some of dad’s pain with a pair of these ultralight S-Lites from Ecco, a golf shoe unlike any other on the market. Inspired by traditional racing flats that long distance runners wear, the S-Lite is crafted from Yak leather and is super thin, meaning the shoes are extremely light, flexible and downright comfortable. The multi-injection hybrid soles offer more than 100 traction studs at 800 different angles, meaning there’s more than enough grip for even the most athletic golf swing. - Visit

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet

Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet ($79)

If dad is always searching for his wallet, this is the product for him. Covered in premium leather that ages beautifully, Ekster’s Parliament bi-fold wallet holds about 10 cards that can be quickly accessed via a button at the bottom, while a taut strap offers a way to carry some needed cash. The Parliament also offers RFID protection against would-be thieves, and with the addition of a an Ekster tracker card ($29), it can’t be lost. The solar-powered card, made by Chipolo, fits snugly inside a pocket in the wallet and links to your smartphone via the Chipolo app. So if dad should ever misplace his wallet, he can track its location via his phone. - Visit

Buddha Board

Buddha Board ($35)

For years, stressed executives have turned to desktop zen gardens and Newton’s Cradle devices to relieve work pressure before diving back in to finish the job. Buddha Board takes this idea further, offering dad a creative outlet to remind him about the art of letting go. To paint on the Buddha surface you only need water, not paint or inks. Whatever dad paints slowly evaporates and eventually disappears, leaving the surface clean for use later on. - Visit

Mancave Art From Oliver Gal

Mancave Art From Oliver Gal (price varies)

Help dad spruce up his personal space at home with some quality art pieces that any guest will appreciate. The curators at Oliver Gal have commissioned a team of artists to create pieces that are specially made for the walls of a smoke-friendly mancave. From blueprints of ballparks to maps of the world and stylized movie posters, you’re sure to find something tasteful for dad, such as the above piece called Smoker’s Delight ($90). The art ships with pre-installed hooks for easy hanging. - Visit

cigar Aficionado magazines

Cigar Aficionado Two Years For The Price Of One Father's Day Sale

If your dad is a lover of premium cigars (and the odds are good since you're on our website) then give him the gift of knowledge with a subscription to Cigar Aficionado magazine. You can sign your father up for a special, two-year subscription (12 issues) for only $24.95. -

Premium, handmade cigars

Premium, Handmade Cigars

Peruse our cigar tasting database of more than 17,000 cigar reviews to find the perfect smoke for dear old dad. You can sort by score, brand, price range, country, size, year and more. -

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