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Cigar Aficionado Launches "Where To Smoke"

Cigar smokers have a problem—finding places to smoke the cigars they love. We're here to help.

We are proud to announce the beta launch of Cigar Aficionado's Where to Smoke, an app designed to help you to find cigar-friendly locations around the United States. Our extensive database has cigar bars, cigar shops with lounges, cigar-friendly restaurants, patios and rooftops and even humble smoking areas inside your corner cigar store.

Using the app is free. Click on our link using your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Your device will find your location (if you have your privacy settings turned on to limit location services, you will have to change your preferences to permit this access) and point you to the cigar-friendly venues close to you.

Planning a trip? Simply type in the name of the city and state where you intend to visit (or a zip code) and Where to Smoke will bring up the cigar havens in that area.

The app is designed to travel with you and be your guide on the road. Bookmark the site to the home screen of your mobile phone or tablet so you can have it on the go. (Traditional app versions for the iOs and Android are in the works, and will soon be available in their respective stores.)

You'll notice the word "beta" on Where to Smoke, because while we have found all kinds of great places we know we haven't found them all. We're looking for your feedback to help make Where to Smoke even better. If you own or frequent a cigar-friendly venue that isn't listed, let us know. We want them all, from retail shops with smoking areas (even a few chairs counts) to cigar bars to cigar-friendly restaurants or venues with cigar-friendly patios. If cigar smoking is welcomed there, we want it on Where to Smoke.

And as this is a beta launch, you might see something that doesn't work quite right. If you do, please let us know. We welcome your feedback.

There's a way to reach us within the app, or simply drop us an email at:

And for those of you reading this story outside the United States, we want to know about those cigar-friendly venues as well. An international version will follow in the future.

Cigar smokers have far too few places that welcome their cigars. We want you to find them. Where to Smoke is your resource.

Start searching for a cigar-friendly venue now:

"map was way off for Smokey's Knoxville why no iphone or android link internet link is a lame way to launch" —June 23, 2014 10:13 AM
"Just used this on my tablet and was very intuative. Great job on the navigation and content. Excellent resource! Now to find the time to visit all these cigar friendly places. Just bookmarked the link." —June 20, 2014 07:15 AM