Churchill App Suspended from Google Store for Showing A Cigar

Churchill App Suspended from Google Store for Showing A Cigar

It wasn’t Google’s finest hour. A popular mobile app called Churchill Solitaire, named after former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill—one of the most famous cigar smokers of all time—was recently suspended from Google’s Play store for depicting Churchill with a cigar, according to the game’s creators.

The app, developed by Javelin, a Virginia-based creative, digital and literary agency, and former U.S. secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, was allegedly removed without warning or explanation from Google’s store because its app icon shows Churchill with a cigar in his mouth. Additional images and archival video footage within the game depict Churchill smoking cigars. 

“The matter was resolved after a week, after e-mailing with Google customer support and resubmitting the app,” said Keith Urbahn, founding partner and president of Javelin. He explained that the game's content rating now includes "references to tobacco use." 

The Churchill Solitaire app is based on a challenging variation of the card game Solitaire—a favorite of Churchill’s—requiring two full decks of cards and a row of cards called “The Devil’s Six” placed in front of the player. The game is approved and licensed by the Churchill estate. 

Churchill Solitaire launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play store in 2016. A portion of the game’s proceeds go to charitable causes that support U.S. military veterans and the families of the fallen and to Churchill Heritage Ltd. for good causes associated with Churchill’s life and legacy.