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Chicago Customs Seizes 100,000 Cuban Cigars

Dec 6, 2010 | By Gregory Mottola
Chicago Customs Seizes 100,000 Cuban Cigars
An officer sorts through the confiscated Cuban cigars.

If you are waiting for your shipment of Cuban cigars to arrive from Switzerland, there's a good chance that you won't receive them. Chicago Customs and Border Protection has confiscated an estimated 100,000 Cuban cigars shipped directly from Switzerland.

"It started on November 8 after the Department of Homeland Security decided that no mail over 16 ounces can travel as cargo on passenger airlines," said Brian Bell, public affairs officer for CBP. "Mail from Swiss post used to fly on passenger airplanes. When that stopped, the mail was shipped as freight on cargo aircraft."

This new classification meant more packages on less planes and closer scrutiny of incoming packages as they arrived on pallets for inspection. According to the official press release, CBP located several online retailers in Switzerland who sell genuine Cuban cigars and are shipping orders to the United States despite the current embargo.

"It seems that there are numerous online retailers with shops based out of Switzerland," said Bell. "We normally confiscate 10 to 12 shipments per week of cigars, but no one has ever seen this kind of volume anywhere, except maybe in Cuba. There's usually a green tab right on the box that says 'cigars.'"

According to Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations, CBP officers are required to seize, forfeit and destroy all Cuban cigars and all other Cuban imported products.

For more on the story, see tomorrow' s Cigar Insider.

"In regards to the Florida Cubans who insist on continuing the embargo against there homeland, good for them...We as Americans have no idea what it means to suffer in real time in comparison to the Cubans who have. I find it quite amusing trying to find a good Cuban to smoke..Most of you folks who say that you have smoked a Real CUBAN, really haven't...Most wouldn't know a real Cuban because they change there labels continually because of counterfit...colors,embossing and such remain the same, but there paper will always remain a secret as long as we have an embargo against CUBA..They don't want embargo lifted, it would put alot of Cigar company's out of business. And while the embargo still continues, they are making a killing in the open market because of the demand...Take that from them and the Cubans will lose their back" —February 17, 2011 07:55 AM
"Ummm. President Kennedy wanted to keep Cuban smokes out of the embargo but the Cubans said no and not the Americans. He ordered his press secretary to Cuba the day prior to the embargo being signed to pick up a wack of smokes. Once he returned with them, the embargo was signed. This is not your government's doing it's the cubans. And rightfully so. You don't want their business, people or goods but you'll keep smoking the stogies?? " —January 13, 2011 08:58 AM
"The Cuban Embargo is an example of the double standard. The State of California is spending billions buying high-speed trains from Communist China. Those trains are going to be built in China and shipped here. You mean to tell me WE can't build high speed trains in the USA? We can't buy a Cuban Cigar (legally) in the US but we can give billions to the Chinese. It doesn't make any sense. The embargo hasn't worked. All it’s done is create a black market for cigars in the US. " —January 12, 2011 11:58 AM
"Did you see the smile on that customs agent's face? The order is to destroy them. Yeah, they'll all be destroyed - in small fires one by one." —December 27, 2010 01:42 AM
"Note to Simmon C: Cuba in the 1930s through to the 1950s was indeed a fabulous place - for an elite. The rest of the population were living way into and below the poverty line. Cuban government and economy was hugely suppoted by U.S. businesses and government. Corruption and organised crime was rife. (Mmm, that sounds familiar!) That's why there was a revolution (more than one, actually) and that's why a lot of Cubans today prefer life with Fidel, despite the hardships. When the regime finally goes the way of the old USSR one has to wonder if the bad old days will see a comeback. Let's hope not." —December 25, 2010 05:23 AM
"America is choking on millions (billions?) of dollars of cocaine, heroin and god knows whatever illicit drug flowing across its borders but its Customs and Border Protection still find time to search and destroy a few dozen boxes of cigars? Winners!" —December 25, 2010 04:58 AM
"Got nailed in this crackdown,but my supplier re-shipped my order with no problems,they didn't recharge me for the replacements,but they did request any and all paper work that I could send to them about the seized cigars. To my good fortune my re-shipped cigars arrived without a problem. Hope anyone effected by this has the same outcome as I did. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all." —December 21, 2010 16:15 PM
"Wow this totally stinks! I guess there goes my hoyo's I was counting to have by Christmas! This embargo is a silly waste and is not helping anyone anymore. Enough is enough! " —December 20, 2010 15:36 PM
"Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations prohibit directly aiding the Cuban regime financially. These confiscated cigars had already been purchased by a third (non-US/non-Cuban) party and are thus fungible in terms of aid to Cuba. No US citizen buying Cuban cigars from a store or business outside of Cuba is directly aiding the Cuban government. No US citizen smoking a cigar purchased outside of Cuba is directly aiding the Cuban government. Cuba has already been paid for those boxes; they will be re-sold somewhere in the world regardless of any country's embargo. US law enforcement officers are misinterpreting and misrepresenting the law as it is written." —December 15, 2010 16:45 PM
"The bastards got mine. The worst part was after they took out the cigars they sent me the empty shipping box. Talk about a blue Christmas…" —December 14, 2010 22:42 PM
"Be careful what you wish for...Cuba already sells every cigar it makes. What do you think will happen to the supply & price of these cigars when this Market is opened to consumers in the United States?" —December 14, 2010 20:36 PM
"Having had a few Cubans...Boys you're paying too much anyway. " —December 14, 2010 08:08 AM
"It´s a shame. A cigar is just a pleasant piece of human work, that deserves recompensation and respect. Cuban cigars are the very best we could taste. I´m consider miself a lucky one to live in Brazil. Last saturday we have a meeting with 15 friends and could taste from cubans like BHK56 to many other good Central America cigars." —December 13, 2010 18:00 PM
"agreed. someone working for homeland security must've needed to refill their humi." —December 13, 2010 00:07 AM
"The Department of Homeland Security and the TSA have quickly created a new police state in the USA right under our noses. We no longer enjoy basic freedoms. Makes me wonder who won the war on terror. Write to the bastards and stop the NEOCON fear-mongers from winning." —December 12, 2010 12:20 PM
"Memo to Raul and /or Fidel, Send us Joanne Chesimard and we'll rethink this embargo. It has been long enough." —December 12, 2010 11:00 AM
"Lucky me I can buy from China, however tax are increasing to 50% of the cigar value recently." —December 10, 2010 09:22 AM
"I meant "NO" problem buying from China." —December 9, 2010 21:52 PM
"China is not a democracy, but we have problem buying and outsourcing to that country. The embargo is a cold war relic and should be abolished. Release the might of the U.S. consumer onto the Cuban economy, and we will improve lives beyond measure, and even (in time) help rid the proud people of Cuba of dictator(s)." —December 9, 2010 21:49 PM
"A box here and a box there is not "accounted for" and not sent for "destruction". Uncle Larry's in for a great Christmas." —December 8, 2010 00:45 AM
" They should have the next Cigar Aficionado's "Big Smoke" in Chicago, right next to the field that they torch these Cubans. All of us Aficionado's, could drink, cry and then breath in the nice smoke. I'll buy a ticket! " —December 7, 2010 22:07 PM
"The Cuban embargo nonsense will end when our elected officials will stop listening to the stupid Cubans in Miami. They're the ones who insist the embargo must continue. " —December 7, 2010 21:33 PM
"Kevin Michaels from KM CIGARS says: Wow! Now US customs agents know the difference between fake Cuban cigars and the genuine article, they have come a long way indeed!" —December 7, 2010 20:16 PM
"Don't waste time writing your regime representatives. They don't care what you think. The embargo will never end as long as the regime and it's financial supporters continue to profit from it." —December 7, 2010 11:33 AM
"Look at the chit eating grin on that dude!" —December 7, 2010 08:50 AM
"I guess Homeland Security will be smoking Cubans all holiday season. You can't tell me those clowns are not smoking them. I support lifting the embargo but for the cigars ONLY." —December 7, 2010 08:16 AM
"I'm with Steve J. Make sure you write to the pricks." —December 7, 2010 08:03 AM
"you know i was looking at a fantastic video on youtube about Cuba in the 1930's, everyone was clean, aspirational and wearing really nice clothing and going out to dinner and the economy looked healthy. You see it today and they're wearing crappy old ripped t-shirts, poverty is rife and the country is hated by its biggest and closet neighbour while its struggling to get out from underneath the worst of all regemes. I'll be your average cuban is thinking "thanks for nothin' world". " —December 7, 2010 07:47 AM
"This is tobacco, not heroin." —December 7, 2010 02:32 AM
"Time to change sources. " —December 7, 2010 00:06 AM
"BOTL unite! Contact you elected official. This double standard must end! The Embargo is only symbolic, I am free to visit communist china but only relatives can visit Cuba or visit there on a special visa. I want to sell goods to the island in this economy. We need elected friends of the leaf! If the Tea Party can do so can all of us!" —December 6, 2010 20:55 PM
"The embargo will ONLY end when you call or write your elected officials to do so. Make a difference and act today!" —December 6, 2010 20:05 PM
"We can visit and spend money in China, Russia and Vietnam but not Cuba. Makes no sense. " —December 6, 2010 19:21 PM
"When will this cuban nonsense end?" —December 6, 2010 18:32 PM
"It is Christmas and the Feds need gifts. " —December 6, 2010 18:28 PM

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