Cavici & Co. Sues Quesada and S.A.G. Imports

Cavici & Co. Sues Quesada and S.A.G. Imports
Cavici & Co. is seeking just over $48,000 in restitution from S.A.G Imports

Cavici & Co. Ltd., the company behind boutique brand Regius Cigars, has filed a petition for legal action against S.A.G. Imports Inc. and its owner Manuel Quesada. The petition, which was filed in Texas with the Dallas County District Court on February 12, alleges breach of contract and is seeking just over $48,000 in restitution from S.A.G., distributor of the Quesada family’s Fonseca, Quesada and Casa Magna brand cigars.

According to the lawsuit, S.A.G., which distributed the Regius brand of cigars from 2012 to 2017, failed to make payments on six invoices. 

The distribution agreement between the companies ended on April 30, 2017. According to Cavici, S.A.G. returned unsold inventory, but a balance still remains. 

“Despite receiving this credit, as well as a credit in the amount of $52,500 for advertising costs, S.A.G. and Quesada continues to owe Cavici the amount of $48,304.66,” the legal document states. 

As the petition reads, S.A.G. was authorized as a distributor to obtain inventory of Regius cigars directly from the Plasencia Cigars factory (where the Regius brand is produced) and sell the cigars through its own sales channels. Cavici alleges that S.A.G. failed to pay for many of the cigars it sold. 

Cigar Aficionado contacted Quesada, but he said he had yet to see the document. “I have not been served so I cannot comment on something I haven’t seen,” he said.

Quesada Cigars is located in Licey, Dominican Republic, on the outskirts of Santiago. It has been making cigars in the Dominican Republic since 1974. Its distribution arm, S.A.G., is headquartered in Miami.

Cavici is incorporated in Hong Kong and is listed in the suit as the dba (doing business as) company of Regius Cigars, which is owned by Akhil Kapacee, who was not formally named in the lawsuit. Regius brand cigars are distributed in the United States by Oscar Valladeres Tobacco & Co.