Castine Candle’s Man Cave Collection

A candle, most cigar enthusiasts would argue, does not belong in a man cave or a tobacconist's shop. But what about a candle that is housed in a shaker pint glass and that has been approved by a group of burly, gruff Maine state game wardens?

The Man Cave Collection is a series of candles with names that include Final Final (elderberry scent), Patriots' Pilsner (sandalwood), Fisherman Stout (musk), 19th Hole (cut grass), and Deer Camp (cedarwood). Each of the candles burn cleanly for 60-plus hours to deliver a subtle aroma that is pleasant and does not emit the overpoweringly pungent, chemic smell associated with some cheaper candles.

The secret is that the Man Cave candles recipe is not soy-based, but instead starts with impurity-free paraffin wax—the same paraffin often used in chocolate candy recipes. Compared to a soy candle, paraffin emits much less carbon into the environment when burned. The candles are also not mass-produced, but instead, like a premium cigar, are handmade using traditional methods that have been employed for hundreds of years. This gives the candle a uniquely mottled look that is visible because it's container is a standard pint shaker glass (made in the U.S.A.) you can find in any bar.

Poured by the Castine Candle Co. in Maine, each of the scents have been rigorously tested by members of that state's game warden service, the institution charged with enforcing the law in the state's deep woods and more remote parts. (The same officers you might have seen in Animal Planet's TV series North Woods Law.)

How did a candle company get a group of law enforcement officers to test a bunch of candles? Well, one of the owners of the company is a retired game warden. Micah Thurston, who bought the company with his wife, Carrie, in 2008 with the intention of using the candles to help raise money for their son's football team, worked as a Maine state game warden for 15 years before retiring in 2009. The Man Cave Collection was actually conceived as a way to pay tribute to the hard-working members of the warden service.

The candles can be purchased through the company's website at for $16.95 each. We found burning one of the candles after smoking a cigar, or even during, helped clear the air of any laden smoke. While we enjoy the pleasant aroma of a cigar like any other enthusiast, there are some (i.e. your significant other or children) who may not. We think this is a simple solution.

"I agree with the 1st line in this review, candles don't belong in a man cave. Lots of candles flickering away in a room, that's a chick cave. When men want light by fire they light a fire or use a torch. Torches are allowed to flicker in the man cave. Well documented fact. ;-) " —March 7, 2014 00:36 AM
"Very disappointed. Went online to purchase some candles, I added 5 of the Deer Camp candles to my cart and checked out. After 3 days of no order confirmation, I contacted them. I was then told, there are additional shipping charges. However, they couldn't be bothered to contact me to tell me this? On top of that, their website claims to provide FREE shipping on orders of $50.00 or more. Do you think they were about to honor this? NOPE!! Very POOR customer relations.... I definitely won't be back! " —January 14, 2014 17:02 PM