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Casino Series Humidors

If the private poker room is a last bastion of cigar smoking, it makes sense to outfit the space appropriately with a good humidor. This is where the Siglo Accessories Casino Series excels. Their humidors bring the spirit of high-stakes gambling to your games room with none of the attendant campiness you might expect from themed furnishings (you know, like cigar-smoking dogs playing poker or sharks shooting pool).

Rather, Siglo has incorporated designs inspired by playing cards into its high-quality humidors, one of which doubles as a game box. The Spade humidor ($718), with it’s imposing black color scheme and spade motif, comes with 20 dice, four dice cups, two sets of cards and a poker instruction manual, essentially turning any room into an instant gaming hall. It holds 75 cigars and comes with humidification device and hygrometer.

For a more jovial yet minimalistic design, the Cards humidor ($975) takes the four conventional suits and playfully clusters them against an ivory palette. It holds 100 cigars and can be repurposed for jewelry with a tray fashioned to hold watches, rings and cuff-links should your supply of smokes temporarily run out.

Both boxes are constructed of Spanish cedar with thick walls, strong, dovetailed joints and decorative, laser-etched hinges that make the lid’s opening/closing action smooth and luxurious. The exterior’s 15-layer clear-coat veneer is flawless, even under oblique lighting, and the humidification device stays affixed to the inner lid via an invisible embedded magnet.

If you want to carry a bit of that same gambling flare around, matching lighters are also available. Both take the humidor’s designs and condense them into weighty, high-gloss butane torches that fit comfortably in the hand. The Spade lighter ($88) translates the box’s bold lines and dark patterns effectively and is offered in gold or chrome trim. The Cards lighter  ($55) perfectly maintains the humidor’s eye-catching whimsical character. A discrete punch cutter folds out of the side and snaps back into place without disrupting the streamlined appearance or feel. Think of it as an ace up your sleeve.