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Cases from India

Consider Andre Garcia cigar cases as functional totes for your smokes as well as possible conversation pieces at the cigar bar.

Produced out of a family-owned ancestral house-turned 25,000-square—foot factory in Calcutta, India, Garcia cases have unique styles. Some are capped with buffalo horn and others sport a zipper seal -- both are patent pending. The company also makes all leather cases with reinforced tops and bottoms. Completely cedar lined, the cases feature a number of leather types, patterns and colors. Four-finger, 10-finger and 16-finger cases were recently added to the company's lineup of offerings.

Garcia cases are known to a handful of retailers but probably not to most consumers. They have been sold for several years in respected establishments that include J.J. Fox in London and Thompson Cigar in the United States, as well as a number of other well-known tobacconists on either side of the pond.

The brand itself was started in September 2003, but the factory was making cases prior to that. Founder and owner Abhik Roy is aiming high and hopes to be among the top manufacturers of Spanish cedar-lined cases in the United States.

The buffalo horn and zipper cigar cases have a suggested retail price ranging from $100 to $120 per case. Go to for more information.