Cigar Aficionado

C.A.O. Poker Bag

Some may arrive with a sandwich bag full of chips, fumble the shuffle and splash the pot to try to lull other players into a false sense of security by passing themselves off as amateurs. But if you're in the act-like-you-been-there camp, opt for intimidation off the bat by sitting down at the table with a C.A.O. Poker Bag.

A black nylon messenger satchel, the Poker Bag is sturdy and fits comfortably over a shoulder and strapped across the chest. Zipper it open to find a cedar-lined, 50-cigar-capacity compartment equipped with a Humidipak humidifying packet and a Velcro strap to keep everything in place. Unfasten a separate section to reveal all the casino-quality tools of the trade minus the table. A foam rubber casing holds 300 chips, two decks of playing cards -- both featuring the CAO insignia -- as well as five red dice, in the event a game of craps breaks out on the side.

Released in December, the C.A.O. Poker Bag retails for $200 and can be purchased at local retail tobacconists or through the C.A.O. Web site.