CAO Orellana Heads to Retailers

CAO Orellana Heads to Retailers
Photo/General Cigar
CAO Orellana comes in a single toro size and ships in 20-count wooden boxes.

CAO has once again ventured into the Amazon for its newest limited-edition release, and this time inspiration has come in the form of a new wrapper called Cubra.

In stores now, CAO Orellana is the fourth smoke in the brand’s Amazon Series, which premiered in 2014 with the release of CAO Amazon Basin and was followed up by two smokes in 2017, CAO Amazon Anaconda and CAO Fuma Em Corda. The series is an homage of sorts to the unique and interesting tobaccos that are cultivated in Brazil.

CAO Orellana

CAO Orellana comes in only one size, a 6 inch by 52 ring gauge toro that carries a retail price of $10.99 and comes packed in 20-count wooden boxes.

The new cigar is named after Francisco de Orellana, the first European conquistador to navigate the entire Amazon river. CAO Orellana is rolled with a Nicaraguan binder and a three-country filler mix of tobaccos from Brazil, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. The red-hued wrapper is called Cubra and is said to be grown in the Bahia region of Brazil in the open sun.

Like the other Amazon series cigars, Orellana uses a unique tobacco called Bragança from Brazil. Bragança is not fermented in curing barns like other cigar tobaccos, but instead is packed tightly into tubes called carottes. The leaves are naturally compressed for six months in this fashion.