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C.A.O. Bike Giveaway Site Up and Running

C.A.O. International Inc., has launched a new Web site where visitors can register for the chance to win a bobber-style motorcycle called the "Lady Liberty," a product of the company's partnership with Sucker Punch Sally's, an award-winning custom biker builder.

The promotional site features a behind-the-scenes documentary of the making of the Lady Liberty bike, which is now complete and touring the country at various events. The site also includes a calendar of the tour dates and locations.

"Our goal is to bring the Lady Liberty to as many locations as possible over the course of the coming year; however, for those who are unable to see her in person, we've created the Web site so that everyone has a chance to win the bike," said Jon Huber in a press release, director of lifestyle marketing for C.A.O.

The bike is based on C.A.O. America, a smoke that is rolled in the C.A.O Fabrica de Tabacos S.A. factory in Honduras with two wrapper leaves, a rarity, one a golden-brown Connecticut-shade leaf and the other a chocolate-brown Connecticut broadleaf.

The bike is a bobber, a style of custom motorcycle that originated in the 1950s and represents a minimalist approach, meaning any superfluous material is stripped from the frame. The rear fender is also shortened, or "bobbed."

It features dual leather saddlebags in the rear, a first for Sucker Punch Sally's, that feature a version of the C.A.O. logo with the words "Free to ride, free to smoke" on it.

Visit to sign up for the contest.