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Can Cigars Go Stale And Lose Their Flavor?

Can Cigars Go Stale And Lose Their Flavor?

Yes, they can. As cigars dry out under the duress of improper humidification, they lose the oils that carry the vital flavor elements. When the oils are lost, you can replace the moisture by rehumidifying your cigars, but you can't replace the flavor. Thus, a cigar that hasn't been humidified for long periods (i.e. months) can be revived to a moisture level that will allow the cigar to burn properly, but it will taste stale.

This does not apply to cigars that may have dried out over the course of a weekend fishing trip. Nonetheless, we urge you to take constant care of your cigars.

"I have just one question, can cigars in a cigar humidifier that is properly humidified over age with time, I have a cabinet humidor and was told the longer you wait the better the cigar gets, I've also been told that long term storage (cello on) is not good for the cigars, I guess I worry about not being able to smoke cigars everyday and my very expensive cigars will be ruined with time, is this true ????" —September 12, 2017 06:08 AM