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Camacho with Special Wrapper Hits Store Shelves

The newest in a wave of releases from Camacho is now available. Camacho Blackout 2013 Limited Edition, a limited-production, vintage-dated line from the Oettinger Davidoff Group, is on shelves nationwide.

As with all Camacho products, Blackout is rolled in the company's Honduran factory. The blend consists of a Honduran wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler of Honduran, Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos. The company said that the wrapper leaf was grown in 2006, the binder in 2009 and the fillers are from a variety of years. Camacho states that the cigars were rolled several years ago, and aged for two years rather than the typical period of several months.

Camacho added that it took a different approach to fermenting the wrapper tobacco, using a process it calls "press fermentation." This means that extra weight was added on top of the tobacco pilones as the wrapper underwent its fermentation process. According to Camacho, the increased pressure "intensifies the internal temperatures," a step required for these darker, oily upper-priming leaves.

Camacho blackout cigar.

Blackout comes in five sizes: a 5 inch by 50 ring gauge Robusto; Figurado at 6 1/8 by 54; Toro at 6 by 50; a 6 by 60 Gordo, and a 7 by 48 Churchill. They range in retail price from $11.00 to $13.00, and all five sizes come in polished boxes of 20 cigars.

Only 1,000 boxes of each size were made for the Camacho Blackout project, amounting to a total production run of 100,000 cigars.

This article first appeared in Cigar Insider.

"Not to kill anybody's anticipation, but I smoked a Blackout this past Saturday. My advice to potential buyers: Don't bother. This cigar, in my humble opinion, lacks any distinctive taste. There are so many good cigars out there, especially in the Blackout's price range. Sorry to be a buzz-kill." —November 27, 2013 12:23 PM
"I don't presonally have anything against N.C.'s,Whenever I smoke one, which Is not everyday,I'm a Habano smoker,but when I do, The Camacho line Is the WORST line I've ever smoked or tasted and I'm still trying.Thank you." —November 26, 2013 13:46 PM
"Sounds like another winner from Camacho. A huge hit with "Ditka" series and these. Looking forward to sampling them soon." —November 21, 2013 15:57 PM