Camacho to Make Room 101 Cigar

Camacho Cigars has formed a licensing deal with L.A. jeweler Matt Booth to create the Room 101 cigar, which will make its cigar shop debut next month in New Orleans.

Room 101 is a line of alternative luxury silver jewelry owned and founded by Booth, a former Marine who created the brand in 2003. Room 101 has several meanings, including a place of new beginnings, such as a starter course on a subject, the 101 Freeway in Hollywood, near where Booth makes his headquarters, or the infamous room of punishment in the George Orwell novel 1984. "I'm a huge George Orwell fan," said Booth.

Booth met Camacho's director of marketing, Dylan Austin, last August through a mutual friend. "Both of our camps clicked right away," said Austin. Soon Booth was jazzing up humidors, cutters and lighters with his eclectic jewelry, and then the talk turned to making a cigar brand.

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