Camacho Revamps Blends, Updates Packaging

Jun 10, 2013 | By Gregory Mottola
Camacho Revamps Blends, Updates Packaging
The bands and boxes have all received a complete makeover featuring bolder logos, scaled-up lettering and more colorful designs.

Camacho cigars are getting a new look—and some new blends, too. In an effort to modernize its appearance and reinforce its reputation for bold cigars, Camacho Cigars has redesigned its packaging as well as reformulated most of its existing blends.

"Nearly all elements of Camacho have been intensified," said Dylan Austin, head of marketing for Camacho, which is based in Pinellas Park, Florida. "The brand is taking an aggressive stance on the future and aims to reset the bar for bold and full-flavored cigars."

Part of the redesign includes adding the image of a scorpion on Camacho's boxes and bands, which Austin feels is emblematic of the brand's heritage as well as its modern-day philosophy of aggressive competition. The bands and boxes have all received a complete makeover featuring bolder logos, scaled-up lettering and more colorful designs.

As part of the overall brand reconstruction, however, Camacho has cut some lines from the portfolio. Brands such as Coyolar, SLR Select and 10th Anniversary are now discontinued.

"We've slimmed down the portfolio quite a bit," said Austin. "Previously there were 11 lines under the Camacho brand. Now there are six: Corojo, Corojo Maduro, Connecticut, Criollo (previously called Havana), Triple Maduro and Diploma. Of these six, all except the Triple Maduro and Connecticut have been reblended."

To learn more about the new blends, see tomorrow's Cigar Insider.

"Camacho Corojo has always been my favorite cigar... I tried the new "reblended" one. No flavor, no body. I hope it's not replacing the original!" —August 8, 2015 23:12 PM
"Oh yea, and the bands look cheap, trendy and not likely to last." —August 26, 2014 02:46 AM
"I am very fond of the old Camacho 10th Anniversary. Yesterday, I had one of the new Camacho Corojo's. Apples and Oranges, and I don't mean in the good sense. Camacho is now OFF OF MY LIST of smokes. I will be surprised if Davidoff keeps them on. Or, is it Davidoff that is making them go on the cheap? My Two Cents, Rob" —August 26, 2014 02:45 AM
"I really hope that reps from the company look at this comment thread. I am really disappointed. The new Corojo blend has been robbed of what made the original special. Its like its been watered down. I just went to my local shop and bought up as many of the old blend as I could and when those are gone, as far as Im concerned that cigar is dead. The bands look cheap as well but Id forgive that with the original blend. If a rep reads this, please bring back the original blend or offer it as a different line (Corojo Classic) or something like that. This was just not a good idea." —June 13, 2014 13:01 PM
"My Brother and I have been smoking the Camacho Connecticut for over four years several a day and we both do not like the new wrapper or the new blend, we were told that it hadn't changed but that is a bunch of crap. I am currently looking for a new smoke as well as my brother, what a stupid move on there part." —June 8, 2014 16:06 PM
"I agree that the new packaging isn't what it used to be but I recently tried the corojo and oh my god it was amazing. Solid job on the reblending." —May 8, 2014 12:10 PM
"I just received a box of the reworked Figurados. The packaging, although non traditional, is most stunning. The solid cedar box is well assembled, the lid fitted nicely and the box finish flawless. Unfortunately I cannot be as positive with its content. Rather than go on with an elaborate criticism of the construction, taste and aroma , I will simply say that I was most displeased with them. It is unfortunate that a company with such a good reputation would come out with a third rate product combining a too light draw, fragile wrapper, a very weak (almost bland) taste and most horrible filling. (yes twigs) The only boldness lies in the packaging and the advertising effort. My 16 remaining Camachos have now ended in a special humidor which I keep handy for my visitors (read non-connaiseurs) and the sooner I part with them the better off I will feel." —April 24, 2014 19:42 PM
"i have been a fan of the Camacho Havana for over 13 years, the rebranding looks tacky, it gets in the way. part of the cigar experience is the beautiful artwork of the band, now i think they are catering to the blunt crowd that wants to look/feel important holding a cigar." —January 14, 2014 15:16 PM
"The end of an era was sealed when the Eiroa family sold to Davidoff. I enjoyed the Coyolar from day one. It was as good as any authentic havana I ever had. I just hope someone picks up that Coyolar farm and puts it to good use. " —December 11, 2013 10:58 AM
"at the risk of being the sissy-boy here, their Connecticut cigar is the best Connecticut-wrapped cigar I've ever smoked, so I'm pleased they didn't mess with it. But i'm in agreement with the sentiment here-why screw with a good thing, and the new bands/packaging looks cheap. " —October 29, 2013 17:10 PM
"I love the Camacho Corojo, one of my favorites. I dont like the new packaging at all. Admit that I havent tried the new blend yet, just dont understand why you have to screw with something that aint broke! " —October 25, 2013 03:12 AM
"I agree with everyone. They had the best bands of all cigars and now they look like cheap $2.00 smokes. Maybe thier gonna turn this into a " New Coke " marketing ploy." —October 1, 2013 18:52 PM
"I just enjoyed one of these greatly! So please try before you wine like a "sissy boy"" —September 15, 2013 05:20 AM
"Andrew, I am sure your comments are based on an oversight. Why are you using the Connecticut as an example. As the byline above states, "...Of these six, all except the Triple Maduro and Connecticut have been reblended." The majority of the comments here have to do with questioning why they re-blended cigars that were already outstanding. Probably a cheaper blend yet at the same price. We already know how much Davidoff is overpriced for what you get." —September 5, 2013 20:51 PM
"I work in the largest cigar store in central Florida. But I never judge a cigar without smoking it first. I've read alot of negitive comments. But as a firm believer of try it before you say something negitive. So I tried the Connecticut Robusto. I was very pleased with the just the amount of pepper spice and the overall smoothness of the cigar. The packaging is bold and attractive to the eye. However I did find the lable on the cigar rather large. I had to remove the lable when the fire got close to enjoy the rest of the cigar. So Come on guys give them a try before you shoot them down." —August 12, 2013 12:17 PM
"I was stunned to stumble across the fact that Camacho Corojo is being reblended! (I hadn't heard that Davidoff had bought Camacho.) It has been my favorite cigar for years. I tell everyone that it's the most like a Cuban that I've had in the US. I didn't think of it as strong, but rather very flavorful and smooth. If someone trying to improve the Davidoff spectrum makes it into something that they consider "strong", I may well have to start looking around again. (Sigh!) (adam, I haven't tried one yet, because I only just learned of their existence. Oh, and BTW, I couldn't care less about the packaging. In fact, I can't imagine why anyone would care about that, unless what they care about is how they look when they're smoking one.)" —August 8, 2013 12:38 PM
"Wow, you guys sound like ladies looking for a car..."I don't like blue cars", or "isn't that one cute!". Try them before whining like a knitting circle. I am currently enjoying the Criollo and regardless of the design, I prefer it to the old blend. Man up and try one or don't comment." —August 3, 2013 00:26 AM
"I have been a loyal Camacho Corojo smoker for the past three years. My go to every day smoke is the Corojo Toro. I am very upset that this cigar is among those the company has decided to change.. In my humble opinion, this cigar was perfect as it is. Or should I now say WAS." —July 28, 2013 14:26 PM
"Camacho is the first cigar I ever bought for myself and 2nd one I ever. Still is one of my favorites. I like the idea of a new look but this is not it and changing all those blends :-/ . I don't know " —July 4, 2013 17:15 PM
"Wow! This is truly a regrettable move on Camachos behalf. The branding is truly overtly non traditional and the Scorpian is not available for trademark in my opinion. Fuente has the "Scorpio" as a Vitola and branding emblem. It was the familys Patriarchal zodiac sign. Also the boxes and bands look like someone from CAO spent Ghurkhas budget to make them. Just my 2¢. " —June 22, 2013 09:12 AM
"That's what happens when a cigarettes company like Davidoff buy a brand with cuban tradition like Camacho. " —June 19, 2013 13:35 PM
"To those of us not liking this sweeping change, it's obviously apparent we're no longer within the new Comacho demographic! You know, us being long time cigar smokers...LOL!" —June 19, 2013 10:35 AM
"Who appoints these CEO brain wizzards ? I don't think they are in touch with customers " —June 18, 2013 15:37 PM
"An increasingly large number of cigars offered in the US market have been adapting more sporty and modern looks, including some of the old brands like RyJ (huge 1875), LGC(big LGC lady portrait), and etc. However, I find a lot of the new designs just look shallow and disappointing. Cigar is something which really embodies history, tradition, taste and delicacy, and the looks of their bands or boxes should be consistent with that." —June 18, 2013 15:17 PM
"Agree 100 not liking this at all.Love the Triple Maduro hope they won't mess with it.Some new marketing guy must like colors! " —June 18, 2013 14:59 PM
"I'm glad they didn't re-blend the Triple Maduro. That's my favorite bold after dinner smoke! " —June 18, 2013 14:48 PM
"I've always been a fan of "if it ain't broke, break it." But in this case, not. Seems to me that tradition is a big part of the cigar life. This obliterates that notion. It's okay to introduce new, additional lines, products. but don't screw with tradition." —June 18, 2013 14:47 PM
"I'm skeptical, the corojo was my favorite and I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was a great cigar." —June 13, 2013 12:43 PM
"Right, Chris? That's exactly it. It totally downgrades the brand. How long til Mr Austin is canned for this disastrous re-branding? First orders are easy....see if there is a second or third. Re-blending the Corojo and the Diploma??" —June 12, 2013 12:51 PM
"Horrible! Totally downgrades the brand. The scorpion looks like a bad prison tat." —June 11, 2013 18:18 PM
"Wow-looks horrible. Way to de-class a brand, guys. The scorpions reminds me of a bad prison tat." —June 11, 2013 18:17 PM
"I agree Float Dub. Most disappointing. Not digging this at all." —June 11, 2013 16:33 PM
"Glad to see they're streamlining the brands to focus on quality. " —June 11, 2013 16:15 PM
"Just awful. Looks like Playmobil or Lego, with the color coordinated boxes and giant lettering on the bands. And re-blends! Always a good way to push away loyal customers." —June 11, 2013 11:16 AM

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