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Camacho Joins Bayer in Going Green

The 147-year-old German company that commercialized aspirin is one of the last organizations you’d expect to get involved in the cigar business. On July 19, Davidoff subsidiary Camacho Cigars signed a working partnership with a unit of Bayer AG, the Leverkusen, Germany company that makes Bayer aspirin.

Camacho is working with Bayer CropScience, a company specializing in crop protection, environmental science and bioscience. The company makes a variety of products to handle insects and fungi that attack tobacco, as well as being a leader in plant technology, making and marketing thousands of types of seeds. Camacho says that by complying with Bayer’s practices, the company can make cigars and grow tobacco without abusing natural resources, while using biofriendly pesticides and being safer industrially.

Camacho claims to be the only tobacco company in history “to be in compliance with strict international standards for good manufacturing practices and good agricultural practices.”

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