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Calabasas to Ban Smoking in Private Residences

In the near future, a good Calabasas realtor might advise smoking clients to become homeowners rather than renters.

On Wednesday, the California suburb's city council explored a proposal that would strengthen the town's already stringent smoking ban to include new multi-unit residences, along with their attached patios and balconies, among the place where puffing is illegal. New tenants, those occupying a residence after the effective date of the ordinance, if passed, would not have the option of smoking in their apartments. Those occupying "existing apartments," living there prior to a possible ordinance effective date, would have 60 days after it goes through to write a letter and get an exemption, which would continue as long as they stayed put. Moving to a new apartment would forfeit this right.

Calabasas is a town that prides itself on being a smoke-free municipality, calling itself Clean Air Calabasas, a smoke-free city. Last March, the council extended its smoking ban, which includes virtually all indoor public places, to include most open-air spaces as well. The only place you can smoke are in certain designated areas the town labeled as "smoker's outposts" or any outdoor public area in which "no non-smoker is present." Private residences were not within the reach of the ban at the time.

The council is expected to revisit the issue in November.