Bóveda Humidity Control System

If refilling the humidifier in your desktop humidor has gotten to be like taking out the trash or paying your bills, the Bóveda humidity control system from Humidipak can take the chore out of cigar storage.

The Bóveda is a disposable humidification unit that guarantees the relative humidity of your choice for two months in a desktop humidor without maintenance or guesswork. In traditional humidors, the humidification device needs to be carefully refilled (usually with distilled water) every couple of months, but the refill increments and conditions produced are not always exact.

With the Bóveda, you insert the 3 1/2-by-5 1/4-inch device, which looks like an oversized sugar packet, inside your desktop, and after two months, discard it in the nearest receptacle and replace it with a new one. You can sign up at BovedaDirect.com to receive automatic shipments of replacement packets that arrive at your doorstep every two months.

The packet contains a saline solution, which releases and absorbs moisture in an enclosed environment to maintain a stable, preset level of humidity. Humidipak also assures that its product eliminates the chance of mold, bacteria or mildew.

Depending on the humidor, the longevity of each Bóveda packet can vary, but two months is considered standard. For a humidor with a 100-cigar capacity, Humidipak recommends that three packets be used. Humidification packets are available in relative humidity levels of 65, 69 or 72 percent for a smoker's preference. Another product, the Bóveda seasoning packet, which keeps a relative humidity of 84 percent, is intended for treating a new humidor or boosting a neglected box and should be left in a humidor for about seven to 10 days.

The products are the brainchild of Humidipak, which created the patented two-way humidification technology that can be used for food, art and musical instrument preservation as well. The company also produces Humidor Bags, which keep cigars fresh for about six months and have been used in partnership with such companies as Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia. and Toraño Cigars Inc., which ship their cigars packed with the small humidification devices.

The Bóveda packets retail for $3.97 each. The Bóveda direct program adds in shipping and handling costs. Now, go mow the lawn.

Visit www.humidipak.com or call 952-745-2900, ext. 14.