Boveda Brings Smart Sensor Device To Humidors

Boveda Brings Smart Sensor Device To Humidors
Boveda's Smart Sensor, left, is placed inside the user's humidor and monitored via the Boveda app on a smartphone or tablet device.

Boveda has a new product that allows tech-savvy cigar smokers to monitor humidor conditions via their smartphones.

The makers of the popular brand of two-way humidification packets have introduced the Smart Sensor, a Bluetooth-powered device that tracks the temperature and humidity levels inside of your humidor and transmits the data directly to an app downloaded to your iOS or Android device. As of now, the product is being sold exclusively on Boveda’s website.

“Through the dedicated app you’ll be able to see at a glance the current humidity level in all your humidors, access historical data to learn more about how your humidors behave, set reminders, access order history and much more,” said Sean Knutsen, president and CEO, Boveda. 

The central apparatus is powered by Blustream, a wireless sensor designed specifically for items sensitive to humidity and temperature. The key-size product, which is small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand, is placed inside of the humidor and calibrated using a kit that comes with the Smart Sensor.

After the hardware is in place, the Boveda app can be customized to alert the user to changes in temperature or humidity. The device also records the history of the humidor data so the levels can be tracked as seasons change or when cigars are added (or removed) from the humidor.

The Blustream technology carries a range of about 100 feet, but the Smart Sensor can still be monitored remotely if the Boveda app is accessed from a secondary device. In other words, if you leave your tablet within range of your humidor, you can use your smartphone to access the information from anywhere in the world. This feature, however, requires users to have a tablet or additional smartphone than can be left within the 100-foot vicinity of the humidor.

The Boveda Smart Sensor Starter Kit retails for $50 and includes the Smart Sensor, the Calibration Kit and a four-pack of large humidification packets. The Smart Sensor can be purchased individually for $40.

Users of Boveda humidification products can also use the app to set up scheduled deliveries for replacement inserts. The Smart Sensor, however, is compatible with any humidification device.

This article first appeared in the January 9, 2018 issue of Cigar Insider