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Bobble Head Indian

The famous "bobble head" doll with the large, oversized quaking cranium -- once reserved for portraying the image of celebrated baseball greats -- has found its way into the cigar world. has fashioned the Cigar Store Indian Bobble Head Doll, a bobble figure in the visage of a smoke-shop Indian, which pays tribute to the legacy of cigars and to a hall of fame icon of the cigar industry.

The Indian stands in his moccasins, full headdress and leggings on a pedestal blazoned with an ad, which reads "Cigars" on one side and "5 cents" on the other. It recalls the old days when, for the benefit of the illiterate, a wooden Indian statue was propped in front of a store to signify that the proprietor within sold cigars. The Indian statue holds the traditional bundle of cigars in his hands and noble expression on his face.

These cigar-store Indians have traded the wood for polyresin and are handcrafted and painted in China. They're ideal for a desk ornament or bookshelf accoutrement. The 5-cent Indian is distributed by Arango Cigar Co. and can be found at tobacconists for approximately $19. For more information, call Arango at 800-22Cigar.