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Black Ops Echo Travel Humidor

Black Ops Echo Travel Humidor

While lighting up in the great outdoors is a time-honored custom for many cigar enthusiasts, safely transporting your precious smokes to a remote locale can be difficult. That is unless you have the proper gear, like SwissTeck’s Black Ops Echo Travel Humidor.

Designed for smokers on the go, the Black Ops Echo Travel Humidor offers the avid outdoorsman an all-in-one cigar solution, as it features a humidor, lighter and cutter.

The travel humidor is made of strong ABS plastic, which makes it virtually crushproof, can float on water and can withstand temperatures between -10 degrees to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. (Although any cigars inside would not survive such extremes.) The humidor, which can safely house four toro-sized cigars, closes to create an airtight seal and a small humidification disk keeps the inside properly humidified.

The kit also includes a Black Ops Echo lighter and double guillotine cutter. The dual-flame torch feels well-constructed, a mix of hard plastic and metal. Users need not be afraid to drop and break this lighter on the trail (though we do not advocate trying.)

A flick of the thumb opens the lighter’s protective cap, exposing two torches that are ignited via a button next to them. While the spacing is a bit tight for large ring gauge cigars, anything below 50 ring should be easy to light. The lighter is also equipped with a retractable punch cutter.

While the Echo lighter is solid, the double guillotine cutter that comes with the humidor feels a bit cheap. The cutter can snip cigars up to 54 ring gauge, but it can only cut parejos, or straight-sided smokes, and not figurados. This is because the cutter is closed off on one side, limiting the depth at which a cigar can be cut.

If you can overlook the cutter, the Black Ops kit is a good solution for the cigar smoker who loves to play outside. The price is right, too, at only $59.99.

The travel humidor comes in a matte black finish only, while the lighter and cutter are offered in four colors: Blackout (black), Arctic (silver), Desert (brown) and Forest (green).

The Black Ops Echo Travel Humidor kit can be found at cigar shops throughout the country. Visit for more information.