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Black Dragon Lighters

With a price tag of $21,000, the Black Dragon lighter isn't something you're likely to rush down to your local tobacconist for, and you will probably never own one unless you are a sultan or the CEO of a large corporation. But that's not going to stop Kaizid Hansotia, owner of K. Hansotia & Co., which sells these lighters, from producing an annual limited-edition release.

There were only 25 lighters in the company's inaugural run, and Hansotia says he wants to keep it that way. It's the gift for the cigar smoker who seems to have everything, and for whom money is no object -- which can be a limited market.

Reminiscent of a Dunhill Rollagas design, the Black Dragon features a flip cap, boxy, rectangular shape, and side-mounted flint wheel. The lighters are made in China where Macau jewelers adorn the pieces with multiple layers of micro-thin gold plating. Accenting the gold are inlaid Oriental-influenced designs picturing a swirling dragon in black lacquer. The lighter comes handsomely presented in a polished wood case with a velvet interior. The appearance is tasteful, but might still capture the attention of the bling-bling generation.

The pieces are available in a few jewelry stores in the United States and Canada, according to Hansotia, and maybe in the desk drawers of a select few retired business tycoons. Hansotia says the next creation will be released at the retail Tobacco Dealers of America convention in Las Vegas in July. Start saving now.

Photo by Lynn Berry

"Another grossly overpriced gimick from Hansotia.Not even one of a kind. I would go to DuPont or some high end mfg'r. and commision them to make something that reflected my own personality or hobby etc. Bet you can get it done for under $10K." —February 8, 2013 17:48 PM