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Bio GS Air Purifier by Rabbit Air

Living with an allergy-sufferer roommate makes smoking difficult. Often I’m torn between a certain sense of guilt for the discomfort he might have if exposed to a cloud of smoke, and a desire for the convenience and privacy of my own room to enjoy a cigar. And smokers with families can have their smoking confined to patios and porches, or the occasional basement.

But there’s a way to keep that smoke from lingering in the air, soaking into furniture and driving the sensitive roommate insane: the Bio GS Air Purifier by Rabbit Air.

Air purifiers have gotten very good and trapping particles in the air and keeping them from recirculating, and the Bio GS is one of the better models on the market for smoke.

Running the Bio GS pulled the smoke out of the air much faster than a standard fan or chemical sprays. I ran the Bio GS for a few minutes before I lit up, and for a couple of hours after putting the last one out. Most evenings my roommate couldn’t tell from outside that I had smoked two or three cigars during the day. And with a window open and a fan blowing some of the smoke out, even the lingering smell of a full day of smoking wasn’t noticeable.

The Bio GS is recommended for spaces between 600 and 800 square feet, so in a personal space of roughly 150 sq. ft., the cycles moved faster and the smoke was pulled out more effectively. I’m also a pollen allergy sufferer, so it was worth my time to leave it on most of the day. And for someone who likes to sleep with a little white noise, it produced a nice, soft hum at full power, and was barely noticeable at lower settings.

The unit also came with a remote so that you don’t have to stoop to press buttons and change settings.

Bio GS by Rabbit Air retails starting at $329.95. It comes in several metallic colors (blue, silver, green) and can be purchased online at