Cigar Aficionado

Bikers Blend Cigar Pouch

Your motor's running, you've headed out on the highway, and you're looking for adventure -- any sort of adventure. But before you fire all your guns and explode into space, make sure you haven't forgotten those all important stogies.

Hanging off to the side of your bald eagle belt buckle and flapping against your chaps should be your Bikers Blend Cigar Pouch. If it's not, make a u-turn back to the trailer park, son.

The Bikers Blend Cigar Pouch is an all-black leather holder designed to clamp onto a pair of belt loops. It can hold quite tightly three cigars up to seven inches in length. A trio of lonsdales would be ideal for this pouch; a high ring-gauged super-toro would not. The pouch has a Velcro flap and a pair of unyielding chrome-plated clasps, which will ensure that at your hog's top speed, the leather case will remain secure.

The Bikers Blend Cigar Pouch can be found in local tobacco shops for $50 or can be ordered directly from Pecunes Tobacco, the Timonium, Maryland-based company that produces Bikers Blend cigars. For $70, the pouch can also be special ordered with a logo embroidered on the flap, including your favorite Steppenwolf patch, if it fits.

Call Pecunes Tobacco at 410-252-6469 for more information.