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Big Smoke Gets Its Own Quesada Cigar

The Quesada family has created a custom cigar only available to attendees of this year's upcoming Big Smoke Las Vegas and Big Smoke New York.

All guests of the evening gala events who stop by the Quesada booth will receive a pigtailed, 6 inch by 46 ring gauge corona gorda blended and rolled especially for this occasion. The cigar has never been commercially released and consists of a Dominican wrapper, Dominican binder and filler tobacco from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

"The Big Smoke contingent is more traditional in its tastes and this is a traditional blend," said Terence Reilly of the Quesada family, who own and operate the MATASA factory in the Dominican Republic. "It's not a spice bomb."

Reilly stated that the Big Smoke will not be used as a test market for the new cigars andassured Cigar Insider that the special smokes are a one-off production made only for these events.

"The Big Smoke brings together thousands of cigar aficionados and provides them with a place to smoke and drink," Reilly said. "As a token of our appreciation, we have created a cigar that will be available only to attendees."

Tickets to the Big Smoke Evenings are still available here

"I picked up two Quesadas at the Big Smoke and had one already. I enjoyed the smoke. Wish i could get a hold of a few more. Too bad it was exclusive to the event." —November 27, 2013 19:40 PM
"Dear sirs, BIG DEAL, Who care's anyway,Just a gimmick more, that's all. Guy" —November 9, 2013 04:53 AM