Bettinardi Ashtray

Bettinardi, a name synonymous with high-end golf putters, is set to debut its own version of a stainless steel cigar ashtray.

The ashtray is produced using the same materials and precise milling that have earned Bettinardi putters, known for their soft feel and one-piece build, high praise in the golf world.

The hexagonal ashtray is 100 percent double aged stainless steel, with copper inlays bearing the company name on three of the six sides.

The flat part of the ashtray's ring showcases the same honeycomb finish that is the signature of Bettinardi putters faces.

Inside, the ashtray features a bit of raised steel that Keith Webster, vice president of golf operations at Bettinardi, says will be customizable in the future.

"The center can be anything, really. A company logo, symbol, or perhaps a signature," he said.

The ashtray is surprisingly heavy, tipping the scales at eleven pounds even. Although this ashtray is built to rest, felt pads affixed to the bottom make it easy for any smoker to adjust the ashtray on a smooth surface.

The company will begin selling the ashtrays, which retail for $435, from its Web site,, in July.