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Best Wishes for Mexico City

I don't envy anyone in Mexico City right now. It looks bad. I would be freaking out. I have a few friends there. One is the BBC correspondent Stephen Gibbs. I used to see him occasionally when he was based in Havana. I wish he was still there and not in DF! I have been following his work everyday online with BBC.

Cuba has banned all flights to and from Mexico at the moment. And I haven¹t heard for how long the suspension will be maintained. I was planning on
flying to Havana via Cancún on May 20 to check on the development of the new Edición Limitadas, but it looks doubtful now. Maybe things will change?

Max Gutmann, the importer for Cuban cigars for all of Mexico, is also stuck there. He says he's fine and just lying low in his house and smoking a few cigars everyday. Sounds good to me. May be the smoke will keep away the germs?

I spoke to another hermano of mine in DF ­ named Alan Becker. He is a land developer with a big project in Cancún called Nizuc. But he has been stuck in Mexico City and can't get out. He is taking consolation with his cigars. Check out the photo he sent me.


I asked him how he was doing, wondering if he was scared or worried. Here is what he answered:

"I'm not scared at all, just desperate since all the city feels like a ghost town," he wrote. "The restaurants and bars are closed. Streets are empty. It makes me wonder how many people spend their lives not enjoying cigars to avoid health problems, and they die from flu.

"On the other hand at these moments is when you think a lot about enjoying life and living it to the fullest," he added. "We are all so vulnerable.
What a better way to meditate about these questions we all have than smoking a good cigar. I am smoking a Bolivar Edicion Exclusivo for France right now."

Alan is a true Cigar Aficionado. I wish him and everyone else in Mexico City the very best.

"Just returned from a great vaction from Mexico and do hope that people realize that many parts of the country are still very safe.Also smoked some great cigars there!" —May 12, 2009 01:34 AM
"James - I love your blog and articles in CA. I have a question: Is the Trinidad Robusto T the same as the Trinidad Robusto Extra? I just read the "T" may be your go-to cigar (CA June 2009). I can only find the "Extra" online. Thanks, James" —May 2, 2009 02:39 AM
"Thanks man. No. I am taking about the new Trinidad Robusto that is coming out on the market soon. The Robsuto Extra is an old release and longer than a normal robusto." —May 3, 2009 08:07 AM